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Early Years ...

I began singing from the early age of 11 with my sister, known as the Robertson Sisters. Music was always part of our family and has always been in my blood.

Whilst at school I was always part of the choir and school concerts and enjoyed this so much that my mother enrolled us in a music school every Saturday where I gained a wealth of experience which was the stepping stone to my career.

The music school I attended focussed on singing techniques, dancing, learning guitar and piano, presentation and an overall confidence building exercise which cemented the foundation for the years to follow.

I enjoyed working with other people so much that I went into nursing homes and spastic centres and it was uplifting to see the enjoyment people experienced from my voice, which again inspired me to continue.

Whilst attending the music school my sister and I were part of Reviews around Brisbane and also guest artists on many television performances with up-and-coming as well as great artists. We also won many talent quests, and came 2nd in the Queensland New Faces.

My parents believed that having an education was extremely important as they believed music to be a very hard career to do fulltime. So I continued my studies and any spare time I had was devoted to music.

Gaining Experience ...

My Grandparents lived in Maryborough and we used to go there on our school holidays. My Grandfather, who was also very talented, got us to sing a few songs in a hotel one afternoon and the publican asked him to enter us in the talent quest. We achieved 3rd place, so to help us gain further experience in front of an audience he offered us the opportunity to be on stage with many great artists on the school holidays.

Some of these included Dinah Lee, Russell Morris, Ronnie Burns, Jeff Phillips, Irene Bartlett, Normie Rowe, Billy Thorpe, John Farnham, New Image and many many more. My sister and I also sang with the local Maryborough band, the "Shades" who also inspired me.

I have always been grateful for this opportunity. All the great artists I met from around the world, the local band who spent time with us, the publican who gave us the opportunity, our Grandparents for believing in us and encouraging us, and of course my parents who always gave me the right advice. Also a big thank you to my family.

Recent Times ...

From this time on I went on to become a major vocal artist in Brisbane and a much sought after entertainer.

Over the years I have gained a wealth of musical experience including TV work, Cabaret work, International work, and providing music to dance to.

I pride myself in my work, not only as a singer but also a flexible entertainer. I like the challenge that different venues bring in relation to the versatility of music styles, different age groups and the delight of perfoming as an entertainer.

I also pride myself in maintaining high quality of sound equipment and professionally prepared backing music which enhances my performance.

Thank you to all my fans throughout the years and to all those that I haven't yet met. I'm looking forward to meeting you at my gigs.

Now performing the Golden Hits of Yesterday

Look out for golden hits of yesterday shows singing some of the greatest songs ever written and performed by the best singer/entertainers there ever were and maybe ever will be.

Debbie moves with ease from powerful vocals of a Shirley Bassey to the sensitivity of Doris Day with her faultless vocals capturing the mood of each song perfectly.

This combined with her presence of stage, effervescent personality and genuine passion to entertain is what makes Debbie a master at her craft.

As an entertainer it's about bringing joy to people and Debbie has had the longevity in the industry to do what she loves.

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